The Enamel Badge Factory tells you what the badge making technology is

2021-01-11 10:08:16

Now there are six kinds of processes widely used in badge manufacturing. Let's introduce them.

Die casting process: zinc alloy die casting is characterized by being able to produce full 3D products, showing the three-dimensional sense of the products, making the badge all show the atmosphere and clear layers, and saving cost and materials.

Applicable raw material: zinc alloy


Stamping process: can make a simple concave convex feeling, good texture, wear resistance, no deformation, three-dimensional slightly strong. It can be used for various badges, badges, signs, commemorative coins, etc. The thickness is generally between 1 ~ 2mm.

Paint baking process: to make badges with disorderly colors. The paint baking process can be carried out on the basis of corrosion, die casting and stamping. The price is cheaper than enamel, and the three-dimensional sense is slightly stronger.

Printing glue dropping process: suitable for all kinds of messy patterns. In the badge manufacturing process, there will be many patterns, gradients and disordered patterns, which can not be painted. The use of offset printing or silk screen printing on the appearance of the badge can play a protective and fixed effect.

Article source: Enamel Badge Factory

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