How to make wire drawing effect on Zhongshan medal surface

2021-01-11 10:08:16

Our common wire drawing technology is widely used in household appliances, such as refrigerators, rice cookers, door locks, etc. all have a layer of wire drawing effect on the surface, which looks more beautiful.

Can the customized process of medals make the surface into a wire drawing effect?

Of course, it can. With the improvement of the awareness of the national movement, more and more cities hold marathon events, and medals can be said to be the most popular metal crafts at present. How to make the surface of the medal into the effect of wire drawing?


Here we want to introduce the specific steps as follows: under the pressure and external force, the medal is forced to pass through the rasmussel, so that its cross section is compressed to obtain the required shape and size.

The technology of medal is ever-changing. As long as it is used properly, you can customize a good-looking marathon medal.

Article source: Zhongshan Medal

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